Born and raised in Thailand, I studied Advertising at Bangkok University and then came to America to pursue my Masters in Business. Living in Portland since 1999, I've been working for locally-owned businesses as a Buyer and Merchandiser for over 17 years!
I opened this boutique gift shop, hopeful it would also become my new creative space. I have a greeting card line and sell my original paintings too as I continue creating them. Working for someone else was not giving me the chance. I also want this to be a place for amazing locals to come share their beautiful artwork. This city is filled with so many extremely talented and crafty people.
I am offering gifts for your life, for your home and for your loved ones that are cute, fun, heart-warming, edgy...and (of course) cat stuff...because I'm also a Crazy Cat Lady. So please stop by my little shop to enjoy beautiful merchandise and find some items in the store that hopefully make you laugh out loud or maybe even shed a tear from reading something touching and meaningful to you in your world!